FreshwaterLifeEliteR AmazonWaterTM
Barcode :
Volume : Treat up to : Packaging :
0099890220409 8.5 fl oz / 500ml
63 gallons / 250 liters PE Bottle
0099890220416 17 fl oz / 500ml 125 gallons / 500 liters PE Bottle
0099890220423 34 fl oz / 1,000ml 250 gallons / 1,000 liters PE Bottle
0099890220430 170 fl oz / 5,000ml 1,250 gallons / 5,000 liters PE Gallon
Benefit :
FreshwaterLifeEliteR AmazonWaterTM contains trace elements, vitamins, and extract of tea and peat moss. It replicates blackwater conditions by creating clear, “natural,” Amazon-biotope conditions in the aquarium.
FreshwaterLifeEliteR AmazonWaterTM promotes fish activity levels and is an excellent conditioner for all soft-water fish including discus, angelfish, tetras, killifish and arowana. It is establishes similar water conditions to those found in amazon rivers, to important aquarium fishes and plants.
FreshwaterLifeEliteR AmazonWaterTM used to help simulate the onset of the rainy season for encouragement of fish spawning. Provides humic substances (humic, fulvic and tannin acid), complex bio-organic molecules known to increase the availability of important nutrients (such as iron, calcium, magnesium, molybdenum, copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt, and nickel) to plants, potentially enhancing the effectiveness of plant nutrient solutions in aquaria.
Directions :
Shake well before using.
Do not use with the GAC (activated carbon)
Add 20 ml (1 capful) per 5 gallons (20 liters) for first use. Then add equal amount of water that change out. And add after every water change.
To Calculate :
Width (inc) x Length (inc) x Height (inc) x 0.015625 = Volume (liters)
For example
20" x 48" x 20" x 0.015265 = 300 liters
Width (cm) x Length (cm) x Height (cm) / 1000 = Volume (liters)
For example
50 cm x 120 cm x 50 cm / 1000 = 300 liters
Ingredents :
Deionized water, Tea, Peat Moss, Tannin and Fining.
Contains no phosphates, nitrates, salt, yeast, gluconates, lactates, or other sugars.
Remark :
Keep out of reach of children.
Safe for human consumption.
For aquarium use only.
In case of contact with hands or eyes rinse with plenty of water.
Recommend product boosting effective :
Why we recommend them?
Although FreshwaterLifeEliteR AmazonWaterTM is rich in minerals and vitamins but it is from natural, it is not concentrated.
PetLifeEliteR C+VitaminCTM will accelerate the coloration of the fish by direct ingestion.
PetLifeEliteR C+VitaminCTM has a coating that can be mixed food, the vitamins will not dissolve.
If you need vitamins through the gum, we recommend PetLifeEliteR MultiVitsTM is easier to use.



PetLifeEliteR C+VitaminCTM



PetLifeEliteR MultiVitsTM

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